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Duracell Cloud Storage for Business

The Duracell Cloud Storage device is many times faster than the competition and includes features you need such as Sync, Share, Store, and Save. Your data is safe with all users, all devices, encrypted, all the time and includes 24x7x365 access to U.S. based tech support.

Your subscription includes a local Cloud Appliance from 2-4 TB, 24x7x365 U.S. based Customer Support and unlimited Cloud Storage. Whether your business is one person or a global enterprise, Duracell Cloud Storage lets you get all the capacity you need, without over-buying.

Duracell Cloud Storage is many times faster than other cloud storage providers.

Redundancy is achieved both locally and in the cloud.

Security is assured thanks to local drive encryption, 256-bit Encryption on files and 128-bit Encryption on transport.

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At a monthly price starting at $199 for businesses, Duracell Cloud Storage can cost less than cloud services that offer just a fraction of our 4-in-1 cloud service.

The subscription covers:

Unlimited cloud storage

Local Cloud Appliance

You pay no in-out fees

24x7x365 Customer Service